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We can do wisdom teeth extraction on all your wisdom teeth and use sedation dentistry to make you more comfortable.

Children who have excess cavities may need to have a dental sealant put on their teeth to prevent future cavities.

When your teeth look dark, it is the inside layer that is turning colors and not the enamel.

Digital x-rays are now being used so that you and the dentist can see the results immediately on the computer screen.

Sealants can be a big part of cavity prevention, according to the American Dental Association.

If you fail to treat gingivitis it will turn into more serious periodontal diseases.

It could take several days or even a few weeks to allow your dentures to feel comfortable.

Just like your natural teeth, a severe trauma to a restoration can cause damage and then your restoration will need to be repeated.

Inflamed gums or bleeding gums are signs you should see the dentist to find out about gingivitis or other periodontal diseases.

Diagnosing dental problems early is the best way to prevent major issues.

Root canal treatments are simply the removal of the pulp in the middle of an infected tooth.

Root canals can be caused by periodontal disease, extensive dental procedures or other injuries, such as a blow to the mouth.

It takes fewer visits to the dentist when you have composite resin veneers done.

People who have sensitivity in their teeth should have it checked out to see where that is coming from.

Gingivitis that is not taken care of may turn into a more serious periodontal disease.

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